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Welcome to Cloud Lab!
From now on, you could visit my teaching life.

Welcome quilt lovers to join me in discussing about quilting or providing me your valuable corrections.

post at 2010-12-07 15:13:56

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Resolving Doubts, 2016 the Winter Solstice I

Resolving Doubts, 2016 the Winter Solstice I
Written and photographed by Lin Hsin-Chen

How fortunate we are to participate in the collaborative project!
However, the only thing lacking is comfort and perfection. How come?

post at 2016-12-23 15:04:07

Resolving Doubts, 2016 Great Snow I

Resolving Doubts, 2016 Great Snow I
Written and photographed by Lin Hsin-Chen

Confucius said, "When I walk along with two others, they may serve me as my teachers.”
We have 28 teachers in our class. Every teacher has her hidden talents.

post at 2016-12-09 14:50:40

Resolving Doubts, 2016 Frost's Descent I

Resolving Doubts, 2016 Frost's Descent I
Written and photographed by Lin Hsin-Chen

God is the great designer.
The perfectly and delicately constructed world of deep sea is God’s masterpiece.

post at 2016-10-26 18:17:43

Resolving Doubts, 2016 Cold Dew II

Resolving Doubts, 2016 Cold Dew II
Written and photographed by Lin Hsin-Chen

“I wish I could turn back the time…”
But it is an illusion that will never come true.

post at 2016-10-20 18:31:13

Teaching Experience Sharing-Course on May 28, 2013

The collective work of this semester, The Wheel of Good Fortune, “reunion” once again today. I saw a happy smile of good fortune on every student’s face. During the past 12 years, we’ve created more than 10 pieces of large-sized quilts based on the theme of trees. I was thinking about maybe we can plan a spectacular exhibition of these works. Then, Mr. Wu, who was sitting next to me, suggested that we should have one. Maybe he really can read my mind?

It’s always lovely to read a book that touches everyone’s heart. Though we were running out of time, I was still reluctant to cut it off. What a great opportunity to come across a book that really speaks to my heart! Most importantly, it seemed like that every student was quite enjoying reading it. Maybe we can chat online for further discussion! Reading Club is set up for everyone for self-growth. Of course reading is important, but discussion and sharing feedbacks with others are even more valuable. I hope every student would enjoy the journey of reading.

I continued to discuss about individual works with students after class. Students have diverse personalities and their creative styles varied. I decided to talk with each student individually, and have an in-depth discussion on their works. Therefore, time control is hard… I hope this change will lead to a better result. Let’s press on!

There are only a couple of weeks left for discussion this semester, so don’t miss your chance!

Best of luck to everyone!


post at 2013-05-30 15:12:12

Teaching Experience Sharing-Course on March 5, 2013

It’s important to make everything clear in the beginning of the semester.

So we gathered together and had a discussion about our learning project.

According to previous experiences, we’ve made a little change this semester.

Looking forward to seeing better developments!

Before that, of course we need to work harder!


This semester we have students from Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung and Xinying!

Don’t forget the majority of students are from “home”-Tainan!

No matter where we are from, we are all quilt making lovers!

I am so touched that everyone is looking forward to the new classes.

New students told me it’s because of “Lin Hsin-Chen”, they are coming to the class.

What a heavy burden!

I guess I will need to work harder to meet their expectations…

The following 3 months should be very worthy and rich in learning and discussion.

This is a good start. Let’s press on!

Best luck to everyone!

post at 2013-03-08 10:24:17

Teaching Experience Sharing-Course on December 25, 2012

The last class of this semester was extremely brilliant and joyful as I expected.  It was truly an impressive class for everyone involved.

It was also the fourth time for students to deliver a speech of their individual concepts and group concepts on stage.  I don’t know if students now can distinguish the difference between them.  We’ve spent two weeks discussing about group concept, and spent the other two weeks on individual concept.  I think it’s easier for students to deliver individual ideas after group discussion, because they could use the knowledge that shared by other classmates.  It also helps to eliminate their distractions and indecisive thoughts in the early stage of creative concept.

I did see the progress and efforts that my students have accomplished.  Their design did reach my anticipation, but it would be better if they add in more creativity.  I was kind of surprised by the amazing amount of design they made.  Congratulations to everyone! You’ve made great progress.  Practice makes perfect, so keep on practicing and one day you will reach your goal.  Although we arranged design courses in the last four classes this semester, I believe it didn’t affect students who were working on their artworks. Just do it step by step and keep it going!

Within less than three hours, we did many things, including a course on design, a bazaar, a collection of exhibits and a small award ceremony.  We actually did many things together at the same time. I saw the efficient team works of students and everyone was highly cooperative with each other, just like what they always did through 18 classes in this semester.  I felt very appreciated and honored seeing this.

In fact, it’s like a microcosm of lifetime learning.  24 teachers worked together and built the opportunity of learning compassion and wisdom.  It pushed students to eliminate bias and allowed them to work in harmony. It’s not a simple thing to do, but we made it!

Best of luck to everyone!

See you next semester!

post at 2012-12-28 18:14:11

Teaching Experience Sharing-Course on December 18, 2012

The winter solstice is coming, and some people are preparing for tomorrow in the long nights. Such blissful nights only occur around winter solstice. They make people feel peaceful and delighted. I enjoy design and creating in the middle of night. I don’t like summer nights because they are too short, so I am going to grasp these long nights around winter solstice and enjoy creating.

For people who are good at design and creating, they probably don’t really take this seriously because it’s an interest. For people who are specialize in design and creating, they probably take everything as a challenge, a competition or a profit related issue. For me, I guess I am the former, or maybe neither of them. I just simply want to skin my heart by needle, thread and a piece of fiber. Life and nature are two great teachers and they usually give us big topics and questions without any early notice. We must keep learning and seeking for self-discipline.

Last night after class, I felt extremely satisfied and delighted because I have bumped into great creative ideas with my students for the first time through my teaching career. I saw my students learning enthusiastically with their hands and hearts. It is always touching to share stories of creative ideas. I am always thinking about what I can share in class with my students and sharing all these stories usually make us running out of time.

Leading every student into the path of design is what I am expecting and planning. In fact, I have involved design lessons into my lecture every semester for more than a decade. I’ve tried many interesting and creative lesson plans to help my students to learn design. I expect every student of mine could have their own ideas for design. Many of my elder students told me they are too old to learn it and it’s difficult for them to enter the area of design. I understand it could be a big challenge for them, but I will never give up.

To all my elder and younger students, time for us to learn new things is never enough. It is nice to gather together with each other and it is great to record our life stories by sewing. We are just people who write stories with needle and thread, so don’t stress over this.

I am talking about it with great earnestness every year. I wish to see fruitful results in the future.

Let’s press on.

Best of luck to everyone!

post at 2012-12-22 16:37:24

Teaching Experience Sharing-Course on December 15, 2012

I dare not say that field trip is an extension of indoor classes. The reason I am saying this is because Nature is my teacher. I am always taught by Nature in a field trip. Every moment I expect to receive inspiration and implication from Nature. I am just like a beginner with an empty head and looking forward to obtaining a rewarding and precious experience.

A few weeks ago our vice class leader told me that she hoped I could make a detailed plan for the field trip, so that she could prepare the teaching equipments we need. Also, there were some students asking me about what kinds of materials or tools should they bring to the field trip. I told them that I was very sorry because I didn’t get any message about it from our field trip teacher, Nature, either. Since it’s a field trip, then why don’t we just see what we see and hear what we hear? Let Nature be our teacher. We only need to enjoy every moment and feel every feeling.

Nature is like an abundant book without any words. In order to read the book, you need to completely put aside your selfhood and bias. Then, you will find out that conscious learning is from every immediate moment, and you will feel calm in the “conversation” with Nature. People who have distracting thoughts could never hear and see the “truth”. They could only hear and see “illusions”. Being able to introspect and reflect in front of Nature is the highest wisdom. I wish my students can do it!

Just like everyone else, I also dug up “treasures” from Nature. During the two days of field trip, I felt Nature is much greater than before. Whenever I was unable to explain the immediate feelings or running out of words along the way, Nature always gave me a hint. What a remarkable Nature! To all my dear students, I am not entitled to act as the spokesperson of Nature. I couldn’t interpret for Nature, because we need to feel what Nature tries to express by ourselves. I am looking forward to seeing my students have their own “conversation” with Nature.

During the trip, a student of mine told me that she was fooling around looking for various quilt courses or “soul dojo” where she could learn and discipline, but she never knew the “dojo” she was looking for is actually deep in the inner self. I am very pleased by her words, because a student of mine finally comprehends the source of moral support. It’s really a valuable and worthwhile trip.

Best of luck to everyone! 

post at 2012-12-22 13:44:32

Teaching Experience Sharing-Course on December 11, 2012

How to become a warm person that everyone praises? I am learning hard to become a warm person, because I have received lots of warmth from others. The sense of warmth strengthens our will. It is the best present between people.

We exhibited the works made by me and some students, these works took us three weeks. We spent some time on learning design in the beginning of the semester, and now our dreams of creation finally come true. There were some tortuous stories during the process of making our works. Students who participated in it shown an expert learning spirit and they were highly concentrated on technical requirements. It surprised me and I was really touched by these true feelings. 21 days of concentrated training was not long, but the experience was unique and precious for people who participated. I felt an immense gratitude to it.

I am very pleased to have such warmth of learning spirit from my students in the cold winter. The warmth is the collection of everyone’s creative hard working. I have been looking forward so long to seeing my students help with each other for mutual efforts instead of just simply creating works for the exhibition of every semester. It is nothing to do with how excellent the works were, but the feelings and experiences of the intensive learning process are significant. The valuable experience is our real work (which is invisible but keeps as our inner wisdom).

Creative course is not only a special training but also a spiritual journey. We have only 2 classes left this semester. Have we discovered the seed of creation? I believe none of our classmates would like to give up, because I understand how commendable and valuable the group learning experience is.

The enrollment of next semester’s course has begun. People who wants to become a creative quilter please seize the opportunity.

Best of luck to everyone!

post at 2012-12-21 16:59:55

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