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Viewpoints 9 (Cycle 6) Challenge 2–Flower of Life
2020-10-19 15:06:01

Viewpoints 9 (Cycle 6) Challenge 2

Title of work: Flower of Life


Artist Statement:

It’s extremely sad that Covid-19 isolates us from others, deprives us of the freedom of our daily life, and dominates human beings. It feels like someone pressed a pause button on everything in the whole world. It changes our habits and concepts.

The year 2020 is a life challenge for me. I curated an international exhibition displaying 372 works from 22 countries in August 2020 and I successfully completed the difficult task. At the same time, I underwent major surgery and was being strong to protect my life. It’s impossible to imagine that two major events in my life going on at the same time during the difficult times of the global pandemic, and luckily I accomplish both goals. It’s like a flower of life blooming in the face of adversity. The blue and transparent flower symbolizes that we are in a fragile and uneasy environment and we need stronger courage to accept the challenges and overcome them. The blue flowers are blooming for the beauty of the year 2020 and the future. I hope everyone is keeping well and safe, and pray that the pandemic will be eliminated as soon as possible.

Materials: recycled fabrics, hand dyed fabrics, commercial cotton prints, silk, gauze, lace, sequin, beads, Romanian thread, metallic thread

Techniques: hand stitched, hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand embroidered, hand quilted

Size: H 30" x W 30"

Ideas and Thoughts:

The second line of my Line series connects to Bangkok, Thailand. When I was walking around downtown Bangkok, I noticed that circles or curves caught my eyes from time to time. Amazingly, all kinds of big and small circles are like telling their own stories. It’s very interesting. Circles inspire me to create a work.

What you see and hear when you are traveling increase your thinking. There are lots of adventures in our life journey, which make life more interesting. In Bangkok, I saw so many circular structures and finally got lost in the street scene in front of me, like a black hole, and was sucked away by a force! I feel I need to retrieve myself from the black hole. I look forward to finding out the answer and creating it in my work! I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy.

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