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Viewpoints 9 (Cycle 6) Challenge 3–A World of Leaves
2021-02-01 15:35:21

Viewpoints 9 (Cycle 6) Challenge 3

Title of work: A World of Leaves


Artist Statement:

The natural ecosystem of overgrown plants is an environment where I like to observe and learn. My father uses natural farming methods on his land. Dead leaves were lifted naturally, allowing weeds underneath to grow and spread, showing the strong vitality of wild species in the uncultivated land. I feel the multilayered love of my parents when I am sewing the quilt. It is the force of Nature.

What is the multilayered ecology? Nature holds profound wisdom and survival principles. I use a needle and thread to sew the ecology of plants that I see through my eyes to share my deep feeling with plants. Learning to observe natural phenomena and portray the multilayered mystery in my work is a great challenge to me. Seeing the "invisible" life hidden in the chaos and clutter of the leaf world, I challenge myself to depict the state of "order in chaos" in Nature and the quietness, comfort, and continuing life cycle in my heart.

Tiny wild poinsettias are growing between the dead leaves in this quilt. When I was sewing it before Christmas Eve in 2020, all of a sudden the global pandemic was getting worse again. The much-anticipated Christmas family reunion and gathering were forcibly canceled or restricted. I tried to send my best wishes to everyone with this work, so I changed my design. The flowers were disassembled, enlarged, and re-sewn. Let us enhance our determination to fight the pandemic. I hope my thoughts can be conveyed through this work and become an encouragement to others. I wish everyone to stay safe and healthy.

Materials: recycled fabrics, hand dyed fabrics, commercial cotton prints, silk fabric, satin, Japanese kimono fabric, beads, Romanian thread, embroidery floss

Techniques: hand stitched, hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand embroidered, hand quilted

Size: H 60" x W 30"

Ideas and Thoughts:

The Happiness Field

My third work of my Line Series is connected to Taiwan. It’s my father's field in Tainan City, Taiwan. My father was a successful businessman. He likes plants and hopes to be a farmer and spend time with plants every day after he retired. The pictures show my father’s field where he grows all kinds of plants and lives a leisurely life. He eats fruits and vegetables that he grew himself. Money cannot buy health and happiness. It also makes us have special feelings for plants. The inspiration for my next work comes from the field.

My Father’s Natural Farm

My parents hope to provide a free and natural environment where all things on earth could enjoy fruits as much as they want and thrive in this organic garden of insects and birds. My mother said, "Let the insects and birds eat first, then we recycle and enjoy the rest. Insects and animals are clever. They understand to reward and leave the essential parts for us to eat." In this way, I gain more opportunities than others to observe and learn from Nature. Thanks to the natural farm run by my parents.

Banana trees are fruitful in winter. Insects and animals are enjoying them.

Insects and animals’ leftovers.

A jujube tree laden with fruit has collapsed to the ground.

The jujube looks beautiful, but insects had enjoyed eating the fruit. They are very clever and know how to eat without traces.

Looks like a masterpiece created by fruit worms inside the jujube.

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