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Viewpoints 9 (Cycle 7) Challenge 2–A Gorgeous Monologue
2021-08-26 11:34:13

Viewpoints 9 (Cycle 7) Challenge 2

Title of Work: A Gorgeous Monologue

Artist Statement:

I hand sewed a flower in my solitary meditation, turning from yellow to white, learning to be alone but not lonely through the restless environment, redefining my inner security, and enjoying the splendid stage of being alone.

Give yourself a chance to have an inner monologue, will it be a magnificent presentation? Will you be free without panic, helplessness, and loneliness? A single artist performing live on a stage is a one-person show. The way to stand confidently on the exclusive stage to interact with audiences like a talk show, and to convey rich content alone is an important experience and a must-learn.

During the pandemic, people are keeping a distance from each other and forced to be alone, as if they are practicing a one-man show. When our daily lives are changed and renewed, we ought to express ourselves most accurately.

Materials: recycled fabrics, hand dyed fabrics, commercial cotton prints, printmaking wiping fabrics (tarlatan and polyester), satin, Romanian thread, embroidery floss, ribbon

Techniques: hand stitched, silk ribbon embroidered

Size: H 41" x W 41"

Ideas and Thoughts:

New Work Kicks Off

This is my design drawing for my second work. Is the preparation process of hand-stitching more complicated? I must be concentrated and focused, otherwise I won't be able to complete the work. I want to use the two pieces of fabric dyed by my daughter in this work! I am looking forward to the result of combining the dyed fabrics in my work!

total: 200
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