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International Exchange -- The Moving World-Winter published by the SUNY Press

Congratulations to Lin Hsin-Chen's original collaborative work, The Moving World-Winter, has been selected as the cover of Teaching, Tenure, and Collegiality: Confucian Relationality in an Age of Measurable Outcomes published by SUNY Press!



Teaching, Tenure, and Collegiality: Confucian Relationality in an Age of Measurable Outcomes

By: Mary K. Chang, PhD


For information about this book, please visit the SUNY Press website:


post at 2022-04-06 15:53:43

International Exchange -- Viewpoints 9 (Cycle 7) Challenge 4–Blessings for the Future

Viewpoints 9 (Cycle 7) Challenge 4

Title of Work: Blessings for the Future

Artist Statement:

The roses are in bud, and in the days to come, they pray for themselves and bloom beautifully. They contribute their energy to decorate the world. Some fear that life is short, and soon becomes a thing of the past, like vibrant colors faded and disappeared in a blink of an eye. It reminds us to live in the moment. Cherishing the present is the real possession.

As we are looking forward to the future, we are most afraid of the uncertainty of unknown, and we feel that we are exploring the road in the dark. "Future Images" is something very abstract. If we can predict possible uncertainties in the future, and if we have the courage to take challenges, we can overcome fear. I keep reminding myself about this as I sew the piece stitch by stitch.

Materials: recycled fabrics, artist’s dyed fabrics, commercial cotton prints, Romanian thread, embroidery floss, ribbons

Techniques: leaf rubbings, hand stitched, hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted

Size: H 41" x W 41"

Ideas and Thoughts:

Feeling Uneasy

The 4th work of the 7th cycle is taking place between 2021 and 2022. The cold winter and the pandemic are testing my mood. I must admit that the time for creating and sewing this work is very short, and I feel uneasy. I really don't know if there is enough time for me to complete this work. Maybe it’s a life lesson to learn!

I wish you all stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. Happy creating!

post at 2022-03-07 10:39:04

International Exchange -- Happy Lunar New Year 2022!


Happy Lunar New Year 2022!
May the Year of the Tiger bring us peace and health.

post at 2022-01-28 13:41:33

International Exchange -- 2022 Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year!

The world is changing and revealing new horizons ahead of us.

Let’s look forward to a better, colorful and splendid 2022!

May the new year makes us learn to change quickly and become more creative.

I wish us peace and happiness in the future,

and become more valuable because of our efforts.

Pray for the peace of the world.

post at 2021-12-24 17:12:52

International Exchange -- “Grandmother's Flower Garden” in the Quilting Arts Magazine Issue #112

What a Christmas gift! My work, Grandmother's Flower Garden, is included in the Quilting Arts Magazine Issue #112! Best wishes to you all! 


post at 2021-12-22 10:25:14

International Exchange -- Viewpoints 9 (Cycle 7) Challenge 3–Autumn

Viewpoints 9 (Cycle 7) Challenge 3

Title of Work: Autumn


Artist Statement:

Leaves on the trees tell us that autumn is here when they turn from green to red! Autumn leaves are rich in color and beauty, and they are the best metaphors for our middle-aged life. How beautiful they are when trees are dyed in vibrant red and orange colors and life is like a rainbow. Autumn is short, but the most beautiful time of a leaf is even shorter. The red autumn color is what a leaf has spent its entire life to become. When a leaf is running out of energy, as wind blows gently, it falls to the ground and become a dead one. A leaf's life is over, and it stays on the ground and becomes dust. It’s the life cycle of Nature. I like autumn very much, but the beautiful natural scenery is always short. It reminds us to cherish every moment.

I picked up 3 fresh leaves during a walk, and got along with them day and night, from inspiration to completion. They aroused my curiosity, and therefore I created this work. Change of seasons, the birth, aging, sickness and death of a leaf is really like an epitome of life. It is indescribable. I am grateful for the philosophy of life taught by leaves during the creative process. I finish hand sewing the work and reveal it after 45 days of learning. I am grateful for what I have gained.

Materials: recycled fabrics, printmaking wiping fabrics (tarlatan and polyester), artist’s dyed fabrics, commercial cotton prints, satin, lace, gauze, Romanian thread

Techniques: hand stitched, hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted

Size: H 41" x W 41"

Ideas and Thoughts:

Color of Leaves

I like to observe the changes in the color of veins in a leaf. I put the 3 leaves in front of my desk. After a few months, I discover how amazing Nature is. These 3 leaves are fascinating and attract me to further explore new creative topics.

Autumn Vibes

Materials are the backbone of a work. Once again, I challenge myself with unfamiliar textiles. I choose fibers that interest me to create. I am looking forward to exploring deeper into more possibilities. It is the value of adventures.

post at 2021-12-15 18:19:09

Exhibitions and interview -- 2021 International Quilt Festival - Houston


I am thrilled to have 2 works selected for the International Quilt Festival in Houston this year. The 2 quilts will be exhibited in 2 exhibits.

"Queen of Tropical Flowers" is selected for inclusion in the Hand Made Category of the Judged Show. "My Generation #2: Accountability" is selected for inclusion in the special exhibit, In Full Bloom.

It is a pity that due to the pandemic, it is impossible for me to experience the warmth that the Festival brings to people in person. I will be greatly appreciated if there is anyone who is lucky enough to visit the Festival could take a picture of my quilts for me, so that I could share the joy of the exhibition through the Internet. Thank you all! I wish you all stay safe and well, and happy creating!

post at 2021-10-28 09:51:53

Exhibitions and interview -- Passion Flower on SAQA JOURNAL

What a surprise!
I saw my work when I opened the journal that has just arrived.

post at 2021-10-20 15:17:46

Exhibitions and interview -- Life Journey of Flowers I: Passion on Art Quilt Quarterly!

I’m thrilled to see my work, Life Journey of Flowers I: Passion, on the Art Quilt Quarterly! The materials I used for this quilt are very special and I am glad to have it published. What an honor to share it with you all. Best wishes to everyone!


post at 2021-09-22 15:41:31

International Exchange -- Viewpoints 9 (Cycle 7) Challenge 2–A Gorgeous Monologue

Viewpoints 9 (Cycle 7) Challenge 2

Title of Work: A Gorgeous Monologue

Artist Statement:

I hand sewed a flower in my solitary meditation, turning from yellow to white, learning to be alone but not lonely through the restless environment, redefining my inner security, and enjoying the splendid stage of being alone.

Give yourself a chance to have an inner monologue, will it be a magnificent presentation? Will you be free without panic, helplessness, and loneliness? A single artist performing live on a stage is a one-person show. The way to stand confidently on the exclusive stage to interact with audiences like a talk show, and to convey rich content alone is an important experience and a must-learn.

During the pandemic, people are keeping a distance from each other and forced to be alone, as if they are practicing a one-man show. When our daily lives are changed and renewed, we ought to express ourselves most accurately.

Materials: recycled fabrics, hand dyed fabrics, commercial cotton prints, printmaking wiping fabrics (tarlatan and polyester), satin, Romanian thread, embroidery floss, ribbon

Techniques: hand stitched, silk ribbon embroidered

Size: H 41" x W 41"

Ideas and Thoughts:

New Work Kicks Off

This is my design drawing for my second work. Is the preparation process of hand-stitching more complicated? I must be concentrated and focused, otherwise I won't be able to complete the work. I want to use the two pieces of fabric dyed by my daughter in this work! I am looking forward to the result of combining the dyed fabrics in my work!

post at 2021-08-26 11:34:13

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