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Installation Record of 2013 Summer Affection for Needles: Taiwan Art Quilt Exhibition

2013 Summer Affection for Needles: Taiwan Art Quilt Exhibition has opened at Northern Miaoli Art Center!

The volunteer members worked in a systematic manner for the installation.

Our volunteers completed the installation within one day in this big exhibition hall.

Here are some side shots.

Firstly, we were divided into several groups.

To avoid uneven arrangement of quilts, we had to find out the vertical center of the wall.

Another group was working on unpacking the quilts and placing an appropriate rod for each piece.

Works-hanging group was hanging each piece carefully.

We needed to pay fully attention to keep every piece in the same level and also manage the distance in-between, which was not easy.

After hanging all the quilts, we needed to adjust the lights so that the audience can enjoy watching the quilts.

The installation has done! Isn’t it spectacular?

The volunteer members of TAQS always spend lots of efforts in order to give the audience a wonderful exhibition!

Though the preparatory works were carefully done in advance, sometimes there are still some unexpected situations.

Let’s give a big thank you to the volunteers!

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TIQE2009 featured artist, Katherine K. Allen, held solo exhibition at Academy Art Museum

2009 Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition (TIQE2009) featured artist, Katherine K. Allen, held her solo exhibition at Academy Art Museum. Here are the beautiful photos!

Please visit Katherine’s website at http://www.katherinekallen.com/Katherine_K._Allen_Artworks/Home.html

PHOTO CREDIT/ Katherine K. Allen

post at 2013-05-28 11:32:16

TIQE2012 was reported by PATCHWORK & QUILT JOURNAL

TIQE2012 was reported by Austria magazine, PATCHWORK & QUILT JOURNAL on issue: Nov./Dec. It was significant and many quilts of Taiwanese artists were published!


post at 2013-01-28 10:56:39

AQS Quilt Show & Contest (American Quilter's Society)
AQS Quilt Show & Contest (American Quilter's Society)


Source: http://www.experiencegr.com/visitors/group-travel/suggested-itineraries/quilt-itinerary/
If you love quilts, you'll want to attend the AQS Quilt Show at DeVos Place Convention Center, August 21-25, 2012.
post at 2012-01-18 13:56:12

Machine Quilting Unlimited

Machine Quilting Unlimited
Pictures originated from Machine Quilting Unlimited


Taoism, the prevalent religion in Taiwan, was founded c. 550 BC by Lao-Tzu. The central focus in on the individual’s spiritual life, in order to achieve inner harmony, peace, and longevity. The most recognizable Taoist symbol is the yin-yang, which represents opposites making a unity. Hsin-Chen Lin’s The Sachet of Happiness contains representations of another ancient concern of Taoism, the relationship of mankind to nature. Hsin-Chen was inspired by Southern Taiwanese temple architecture, local totemic plants and sea creatures. Her goal was to integrate modern arts and traditional temple decorative arts. She explains, “In Taiwan, we put things related to good fortune, such as lucky charms, in a sachet. The message of the Chinese characters in the middle of the quilt is to bless all living creatures.”
post at 2011-06-01 14:44:31

Second Edition of Turandot In My Impression is coming out!

Second Edition of Turandot In My Impression is coming out!

Turandot In My Impression Playing Quilts No.1 has been well-received by quilters and its sales amount contributed to TAQS!

The second edition of Turandot In My Impression will be published on March 30, 2011 and could be purchased online at http://www.sanmin.com.tw

post at 2011-06-01 14:03:15

SHE (Self Help Enterprise), India

Words and pictures originated from Patchwork Quilt tsushin magazine and SHE (Self Help Enterprise) Website

SHE was started by Shamlu Dudeja (picture left), whose name is synonymous with the traditional craft of “Kantha” from Bengal. SHE operates with the help of village women who create unusual textures on fabrics and embroider exquisite “Kantha” pictures. Through SHE, trained seamstresses go to the villages looking for women with sewing skills and a little time to spare every day. 
SHE is not-for-profit organization based in Kolkata, India. The “Kantha” pieces produced by the rural women are sold around the world, with all proceeds going back into the development of “Kantha” through ongoing training and purchase of materials. In addition, part of the proceeds go towards providing healthcare to the women and their families.


About Kantha

post at 2011-03-22 15:51:50

Joan Schulze

Joan Schulze
Articles from Quilting Arts Magazine, ISSUE 49

     Art is a unifying phenomenon; its creation builds bridges between people and places. Through her artwork, Joan Schulze certainly exemplifies this concept; her fiber art career has enabled her to forge friendships across the globe. As she reflects, “Having friends in so many locations is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work, and I really appreciate it. I go from one place to another, and enjoy it all for what it is.”

     In order to teach and lecture on her work, Joan has traveled across Europe and the United States, and has visited Taiwan, China, Japan, Canada, and Mexico. She is currently planning a trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania, where she will give workshops for six weeks. This extensive traveling and teaching is one of the most rewarding aspects of Joan’s work. She admits, “I keep trying to give it up because it’s very demanding and requires so much preparation (especially since I don’t like to teach anything more than once), but there are always interesting places to go, and it’s hard to turn it down.”

     Not only does Joan relish the experience of visiting new locations, but she also thrives on the joy of helping others explore their artistic potential. “I love when I have a week with students-that’s just a great way to teach. I don’t do one-or two-day workshops. I like having a week because it makes a meaningful situation for my students, and for me. We can be very experimental; we can grow and offer moral support. People can make great strides in one week.”


     Joan’s process for making art has changed dramatically since her first introduction to the needle arts. She traces her art quilting career to her interest in embroidery, which began decades ago, when she first moved to California.” I had no money to buy art, and I saw an ad for s stitchery kit in THE NEW YORKER, so I decided to learn how to embroider.” During American’s bicentennial celebration, Joan was swept up in the widespread quilting fever and created pictorial appliqué quilts, unlike her current work in which photographic imagery is abstracted, rearranged, and layered.
post at 2011-03-04 14:15:14

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