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Birds at Sihcao
2010-11-05 15:08:05

Birds at Sihcao

Written by Lin Hsin-Chen
A symbol of joy.
It means that ecology is recovering.
I like seeing ducks swim leisurely, particularly their bottoms up.
I haven’t had this “free to soar” feeling for a while.
I won’t say too much, please everyone enjoy this!

Article from Ruei Guang-Birds at Sihcao Tainan.

It has been a while not seeing such a beautiful scene like this.
It brought me back to the period of 1994-1996 when I started to bird watching and identified birds.
I rode my bike along the path and coastal highway, carrying a telescope, tripod and a Bird Book.
It was good old times! I remember the time in September to November of the past few years; I was enthusiastic about going to Sihcao area to visit the friends from far way and enjoy seeing the dancing birds.
According to the records of past observations, Sandpipers come in August.
Plovers, herons, and great egrets come after them.
Anatidae, teals, shoveller ducks, anas acuta, and anas penelope show up.
The most beautiful avocets are the last to come; black and white spots on their body make them look like blooming flowers sprinkled on the river.
When migratory birds come, they would cluster together on a pond. Just like an airport.
Birds would stay there and wait for their friends for a small talk. After about half of a month, they would go back to their belonging places.


People at the fish pool driving off egrets and disturbing the birds.

Wanna see it? It is at the third bridge, close to the north at the coastal highway.You can sit by the coastal highway and enjoy bird watching. Tainan people are grateful to this.

Bird landing.


A fish pool without running turned into a beautiful wetland.

Many ducks.

Anas Penelope’s head and neck are brown with a white or a light yellow spot on forehead.

Anas acuata with swallow-tailed coat.

Spectacular birds.

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