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Voices from leaves
2010-11-16 10:48:06

Voices from leaves
Written and photographed by Lin Hsin-Chen


The laws of nature teach people to conform to the course of nature and render revelation…..as it is, we cannot secure the life cycle of leafage.
Walking in the park and I saw a bamboo broom against a tree. This is a common sight in daily life.

However, when I was strolling in the park after a rainy day, I saw the leaves falling down by raindrops. Young, old, withered, yellowing and all kinds of leaves…the fallen leaves looked so fragile on the ground, on the bench, and on the grass. They were all wet and weak; I couldn’t tell there were dews or raindrops on them… but it was an aesthetic feeling.

Leaves have the right to fall down calmly on the grass after a rainy day, waiting for nutrients and return back to nature.


Dear leaves, please forgive the building structure made by people. We are obstructing your way to nature and make you helpless fall down on the glass, rather than on stone. Is it a fortune or a misfortune?


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