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A Bird in the Cage
2010-11-23 13:59:59

A Bird in the Cage
Written and photographed by Lin Hsin-Chen

He shrank his head. Sometimes, he would like to peep at people who were gazing at him.

I picked up my camera, wanting to capture his funny pose.
But his was such a bighead and sophisticated!
He knew how to challenge my patience and my technology for taking pictures.
He kept on changing his position and would not show his face.
To left and right, and up and down. Such a calculating bird…
He pretended to drink water, eat food, and other pose.
I lost my patience and I walked away…then I looked at him (but he couldn’t see me)
He elegantly stood there and lifted his head, looking at the passerby.
He was totally an actor!!
It took me a few minutes to take some pictures of him.
I know he is not good-looking, but please give him some comments.
I really don’t know why he is so self-confident.



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