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A Groovy Old Man
2010-12-15 17:31:59

A Groovy Old Man
Written and photographed by Lin Hsin-Chen

 Secretly, I found that the old man was writing something in “English”.
He kept on writing and writing on his thick notebook.
I stood next him for a while but he didn’t notice me at all.
Still doing what he was doing.
Maybe he had a train of thoughts on his mind!
Maybe his vast army of words came out in full force!
Then I looked closer, his writing words were quite regular.
He must have put a lot of hard work into practicing writing.
I had no idea of what he was writing about. Did he write something about me?
I wish he wrote like” why is she looking at?”
Was this kind of interaction?
I would like to say, groovy old man, you have enough composure!
Wish that I could learn from you!


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