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Lady Teacher
2011-01-13 11:04:12

Lady Teacher 
Written and photographed by Lin Hsin-Chen  

 I went to Hsiu-Yueh’s solo exhibition; she is a member of TAQS.
I found an interesting story about an old lady and I would like to share this with everyone.
There was a moving story behind one of the artwork in her solo exhibition.   
In the meanwhile, quilt lovers, like us, can reflect on the sense that the story conveyed.
Hsiu-Yueh was holding a pair of shoes that was made by a 96 year-old lady.
The old lady didn’t have to draw any patterns; she only relied on her eye estimate and her creative experience. She could sew the same size of Lotus Shoes for bound feet with these 2 factors.
Her amazing story was reported by many media, and brought lots of people to her place to learn her skill.
She never stinted on imparting her skill to people.
But she sighed…their apprenticeships were not mature enough, and they were not seeking increasing perfection. They practiced what they have just learned from; they should not do this.
The old lady passed away last year. Hsiu-Yueh made a pattern artwork, embroidered shoes, to cherish her and appreciate her life of selfless teaching.

Exhibition Name: Chen Hsiu-Yueh arts exhibition
Venue: 9F, Art Gallery, National Tax Administration of Southern Taiwan Province, Ministry of Finance (No.7, Fubei St., North District, Tainan City 70402, Taiwan(R.O.C) )
Exhibition Date: January 12, 2011-March 29, 2011
              8:00AM ~5:00PM, Monday ~Friday
Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 12,2011, 2:00PM
Chen Hisu-Yueh was born in Kimmen, but now she is a daughter-in-law in Tainan.
She has many certificates in hand quilting, machine quilting and embroidery instruction.
She is engaged in creating art quilts and teaching. She once has gone back to her hometown to promote imparting traditional quilt techniques for 3 years. Many of her works has been displayed in national exhibitions.


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