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Foreword of Catalogue


In 2007 I curated a local exhibition with 200 quilts. At that time it occurred to me that maybe I can curate an international exhibition at the same venue in near future. Perhaps the god of Good Luck had heard my wishes that the exhibition dates for TIQE 2009 was successfully scheduled in October, 2007.

Joen Wolfrom, a well-known American quilt artist, asked me during her 1996 visit to Taiwan, ¡§what were your contributions to your hometown through your quilts?¡¨ This question always reminds me that I must try to see the world from different perspectives. In teaching quilting during the last 13 years I always try to pass this concept to my students and the public. Remaining behind the stage I curated exhibitions for students, not co-exhibiting with them.

Another well-known American quilt artist, Joan Schulze, who visited Taiwan for the 2008 workshop, mentioned that ¡§to create a stage for quilters is another kind of learning; we can share what we have learned with our quilting partners.¡¨ Indeed I have learned a lot through curating exhibitions over the years. What delighted me most is that these exhibitions not only amazed visitors but also honored the exhibitors. In TIQE 2009, I step forward from backstage to share what I have done- in the identities of the curator as well as an exhibitor.

Celebrated international fiber artists have honored us with participating in TIQE 2009. There are 64 artists from 9 countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Israel, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Taiwan, and the United States. There are a total of 147 quilts on exhibition, featuring new media, new techniques, and social concerns. During this exhibition we planned 7 advanced workshops, 2 panel discussions, 9 guided tours and 5 free DIY Camps, expecting to offer fresh experiences to quilters in Taiwan. Thanks to all contributors who made all of these possible. 63% of TIQE 2009 funds come from Taiwan governmental subsidies and 37% come from donations of many exhibitors and Taiwan quilt-supporters. Many artists support TIQE 2009 with sharing the international shipping fees and/or insurance fare. 3 sponsors offer nice gifts for lucky draws. TAQS wants to express our gratitude here.

The theme of TIQE 2009 is ¡§Boundaries Crossing: Quilting Global Vision.¡¨ Crossing the boundaries of nations and conventions as well as evolving old concepts and viewpoints with emancipation and creativity, we appreciate art works applying innovation to techniques and perspectives, expressing ideas of the artists and revealing the ongoing process of dialogues with ¡§self¡¨ as well as the public, sharing what ¡§innovation¡¨ and ¡§reflection¡¨ sparkle during art creation. Art quilt is a one of a kind art form that combines humanism and craftsmanship together. For a quilter, each quilt is created by time consuming work designed with spatial considerations. In the past, traditional quilts were well-designed handcrafts with affections and cultural values. They were a kind of ¡§folk art¡¨ intended for daily use, a kind of ¡§applied arts¡¨ as well. Beyond the territory of geometric patterns, quilters try their best to explore any possibilities. The dare-to-innovate energy is fully demonstrated in this exhibition.

¡§Quilt¡¨ is a creation composed of a top, a layer of batting, and a layer of fabric for backing, generally combined using a technique of quilting.¡¨ When quilts are not only laid-flat bedding, but also vertical wall hangings, discussion and application of multi-media has embarked on innovation practices. This kind of change has opened the door for creating more varieties of quilts and attracted more public attention to abundance of this kind of art works. Art quilters have combined crafts and humanism together and this has put greater value on creating quilts. This is exactly the spirit of ¡§contemporary¡¨ quilt art.

Quilters tell stories through their quilts. You are welcomed to the venue to experience the richness of every art work. How to embed innovative spirit and social concerns into art quilts? The dynamic development of ongoing construction, destruction, and re-construction surrounding this issue has revealed the fact that numerous artists with self-challenging courage are together striving for this art field.

TIQE 2009 is hosted in Tainan City, the oldest town in Taiwan. With supports from Tainan City Hall, this exhibition is extended to ¡§Taiwan Quilt Festival¡¨. We are honored to have this opportunity and we deeply appreciate all of their efforts in supporting this event.

Lin Hisn-Chen
Curator of TIQE 2009
President of TAQS

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